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MetaMetaverse is a platform where users can create their own metaverse. Each metaverse functions as a virtual society with its own games, interactive experiences, economy, and governance. These metaverses are constructed with metameta lang, the layer 1 protocol for metaverse interoperability. There is also a metamap feature where users can look at other user’s metaverses. Within your metaverse you can create sub metaverses and sell them, set meta properties and name them, use existing game mechanics and vehicles, attach and display NFTs, set environmental settings, go on play2earn a coin collection game, build your own game, and upload your own 3D environment. $VOX is the governance token of the meta metaverse that controls the DAO. Fairy Dust is the native currency of the meta metaverse and can be earned by in game play. Meta Metaverse does sell their metaverses and takes a 2.5% fee on any in-game assets sold. CEO Joel Dietz was a part of the founding team of four members. Meta^2verse has a lot of opportunities to grow because of the accessibility/user friendliness, yet I am unsure of their long term success. As DAOs start to increase, I am curious to see if there will be another platform that allows people to create their own metaverse but without that fee.
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